Meet The Monsters Of Summoners War


Summoners War Dragon


Summoners War is a fantasy-themed mobile RPG with more than 900 monsters to collect. To show what makes its monsters distinctive, Com2Us is introducing players to the unique personalities of select monsters in its latest video series. Introduced thus far are a Penguin, Death Knight, Vanguard, Valkyrja, Magician, and Joker. The vignettes also come after a recent update to Summoners War increased the account level cap to 50, added five new dungeons, and introduced a crafting feature that allows characters to create their own customizable monsters.


Dias – The Dark Death Knight


Mav – The Wind Penguin


Camilla – The Water Valkyrja


Lushen – The Wind Joker


Darion – The Light Vanguard


Orion – The Brownie Magician