Meet Noire’s Video Game Parody Friends In Planet Destroyer Black Heart

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The Hyperdimension Neptunia series is full of game references, and the spinoff title Planet Destroyer Black Heart makes no exceptions. Dengeki introduces us to some of her new friends, ranging from a busty Metal Gear Solid spoof character to a Monster Hunter cat girl.




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Ester is the Dragon Quest-themed self-proclaimed hero, who is out to look for all-things legendary. She’s a cheerful young and innocent girl, and a rather simple one (for better or worse). She doesn’t really think ahead of her actions, so she tends to find herself in trouble quite often. Her slime shield actually provides her with more defense than you’d expect.




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Moruu is a wild girl who takes her appearance from the Monster Hunter Felynes. Similar to Ester, she’s a pure-hearted energetic girl, who lacks common sense. She has a love for hunting and her wild nature just might come in handy for that.



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Sango is a riff at the Dynasty Warriors series, which definitely shows in her apparel. She considers herself an absolute authority figure to go with a rather insolent personality, and she also shows a feeling of superiority towards small-fry enemies.



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If you haven’t guessed, this one is based on the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. She has trouble expressing her feelings and speaks with a robotic tone, but it’s okay, she’s really good at singing and it’s the only way she can express herself. It is said that she also uses her voice as some sort of weapon.





Rid is a cool and serious female soldier, who takes the appearance of a legendary soldier we’ve seen somewhere before. She tries to give off some sort of veteran image, but she tends to stutter a bit when she loses her cool. Unlike the Metal Gear icon Snake, she’s a bit of a coward and hides inside boxes for that reason. Oh, and she really loves those cardboard boxes.


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Planet Destroyer Black Heart will be released on May 29 for PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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