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Meet PoPoLoCrois Farm Story’s Helpful Lady Friends



PoPoLoCrois Farm Story’s main character, Prince Pietro, is a good kid who does everything he can to help those in need. When he helps others, they, in turn, will lend him a hand when he needs one, too. The official website shares details on some of the characters you share this relationship with in the game.



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Quests revolve around helping out people in need throughout your adventure. Once a request is fulfilled, they’ll give you all kinds of different items to show their gratitude. These quests range from taking out monsters, gathering crops, and much more.



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Once you advance far enough in the story, you’ll get to try out some StreetPass features. By using StreetPass, you’ll obtain “Treasure Maps” from other players. Once you get to the area marked on the map, you’ll find items that will come in handy for your adventure.


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Prince Pietro is a charming little fellow, and he’ll get to communicate with other characters while enjoying conversations and giving them little presents. Once they become closer as friends, they’ll visit your farm and provide you with items that will help out in your journey or farm life. They’ll even take care of your crops while you’re away.




Reira is a young girl with a pure-hearted personality. She loves making things.




Claudia is a gentle and earnest young lady. Her dream is to be able to study in a big city, somewhere.




Emilia is always energetic and a bit of a tomboy. She spends her time gathering ores with her father.


PoPoLoCrois Farm Story will release in Japan on June 18, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. You can take a look at what’s in its Famitsu limited edition version in our earlier report.

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