Meet The Slayers Association In Toukiden

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In Toukiden, an organization called the “Slayers” has dealt with Oni for over a thousand years. Tecmo Koei have provided profiles for the slayers you’ll meet in the game via the official Toukiden website. You can check them out below.

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She is a master of the sword and serves as the central figure within the Slayers of Utakata. Her ability as a Slayer is unmatched within the organization. She is willing to give her life to protect those causes that are close to her, and she possesses an unwavering conviction.



A master of the bow with unmatched accuracy, she is also a scholar who researches Oni. She is well-liked due to her calm and gentle personality, but tends to display a childlike innocence and joy when her curiosity is piqued.



A courageous warrior of many battles, he fights with the power of his fists. He loves nothing more than a good fight and can be harsh with his choice of words, but he is also very dependable and is often thought of as a big brother figure to those around him.



The youngest Slayer, she wields her sickle & chain with confidence and hates to lose. She despises being looked upon as a child and tries to act older than she appears, which leads to constant teasing from those around her. However, she is a strange young girl who at times does seem to be wise beyond her years.



Lightning quick with his knives, he completes his assignments in a professional and detached manner. He usually carries out his missions alone and rarely speaks unless necessary. As a result, he is often isolated from those around him, but nobody can doubt the abilities he possesses as a Slayer.



A master of the spear and veteran of many battles, he portrays himself as a free-spirited man that cannot be bound by convention and as a flippant ladies man. In actuality, he is quite serious and is determined to ensure that his friends always return home safely from the battlefield.


Toukiden will be available on February 11th in North America and February 14th in Europe for the PlayStation Vita.

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