Meet Stumpy, A Cannibal Kid With Machine Gun Limbs



    Stumpy is a kid that was, unfortunately, part of a horrendous truck accident during which he lost all of his limbs. But it’s not all bad, as this is led to Stumpy becoming an action hero when he used machine guns as limbs instead.


    Epic Fun Land made The Adventures of Stumpy in less than 72 hours for the Indies vs. PewDiePie game jam. It’s an over-the-top shooter in which you maneuver Stumpy by blasting him into the air with the force of his gun legs.


    He’s clearly a very unlucky child as, in the game, he’s also being attacked by hordes of zombies. Ah well, at least it gives him a chance to put his new appendages to the test.



    The one catch is that Stumpy is constantly losing blood and so he needs to, um, eat the zombies in order to restore it. Yeah, he’s eating rotten flesh now as well, I guess.


    As you progress through The Adventures of Stumpy, you’ll unlock new guns with which to outfit Stumpy’s limbs with, such as shotguns and chainsaws, as well as the standard gatling guns.


    You can download The Adventures of Stumpy for free on Game Jolt for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    Chris Priestman

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