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Meet The Heroines And “Love Machine” Of Baby Making RPG Conception II


To promote their upcoming child-making RPG, Chunsoft have released a two-part video featuring the voice actresses Lynn and Chihiro Ishiguro, and the game’s producer Ryuuichiro Saito.



In the first video, Saito talks about the story, which is centered around a teenage boy (you get to choose his name) who is a Marebito, a Messiah who must save the world. As the Marebito, you must bond with seven girls and use a magic machine to make “Star Children”. With these children, you must enter dungeons and fight monsters. As a new addition to this sequel, the girls will be able to fight with you, as well.


Lynn voices the heroine Fuuko, who is cheerful and likeable, making her an “easy heroine”. Ishiguro voices Feene, who is cool and refined, but also cheerful, making her “coolly cheerful”. Along with those two girls, Saito introduces the other five heroines (and two guys). Also, Saito likes twintails.


Accompanying the video is footage from the previously revealed trailer and music by Masato Kouda, who composed music for the Monster Hunter series and the upcoming anime Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova.



In the second video, Saito gives an overview of the dungeons and battles. There are seven dungeons themed after the seven deadly sins, and you will unlock more dungeons as you progress through the game. The game uses an innovative positioning battle system in which you use three teams of Star Children and maneuver them to target enemies’ weak spots. For more details, check our previous article.


Star Children come in various classes and are divided into teams of three. If you put two certain classes together, they can use a special combination attack in battle.


Lastly, Lynn and Ishiguro get a look at the “Love Machine” which you use to create children. To create Star Children, you need Bond Points and a matryoshka doll. Star Children will have different stats depending on their mother, their doll, and their class.


Spike Chunsoft will post two more introduction videos in the future. The second video will focus on the dungeons and battles, whereas the third will cover the socializing and child-making aspects.


Conception II will be released for the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS on August 22. A demo is available now for the Vita, and the first Conception is available now as a PSP Best title for the low price of 1,800 yen.