Meet the Honkai Star Rail Foxian Character Tingyun

Meet the Honkai Star Rail Foxian Character Tingyun

As the Honkai Star Rail final closed beta draws nearer, HoYoVerse started introducing more of the playable characters who will show up in the game. The latest Honkai Star Rail person is another member of the Xianzhou Luofu starship, Tingyun. She’s a Whistling Flames ambassador known for trade, as well as for both dealing damage and making other characters stronger.

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The announcement went over what people can expect if they end up getting Tingyun as one of their playable Honkai Star Rail characters. She’s a four-star Lightning unit from the Harmony path. Harmony characters are known for buffs, and all three of her revealed Trace abilities do so in the beta.

Here’s the full Tingyun moveset HoYoverse announced, as well as the official descriptions for the traces and skills.

  • Dislodged (Basic Attack): Tingyun swings her fan and deals Lightning DMG to an enemy.
  • Jubilant Passage (Trace): After activating this Trace, at the start of Tingyun’s turn, she immediately regenerates Energy.
  • Knell Subdual (Trace): After activating this Trace, Tingyun’s Basic ATK increases.
  • Nourished Joviality (Trace): After activating this Trace, when using Skill, Tingyun’s SPD increases for 1 turn.
  • Ritual of the Auspicious Cloud (Ultimate): After using Ultimate, Tingyun regenerates the target ally’s Energy and increases their DMG dealt.
  • Soothing Melody (Skill): After using Skill, Blesses a target ally, increasing their ATK. When a Blessed ally deals DMG to enemy targets within a certain number of turns, they will deal additional Lightning DMG. This effect only triggers for the most recently Blessed ally.
  • Violet Sparknado (Talent): When Tingyun deals DMG to a target enemy, she deals additional Lightning DMG. This DMG is also related to which ally is Blessed.

She’s voiced by Yuuki Takada in Japanese and Laci Morgan in English.

This is the second recent Xianzhou Luofu character revealed. Fu Xuan, the Divination Commission leader, showed up in January 2023.

Honkai Star Rail is in development for PCs and mobile devices, and the final closed beta will begin on February 10, 2023.

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