Nintendo 3DS

Meet The Ninja And The Destructive Ninetails Mech Of Gaist Crusher


In Capcom’s upcoming action game, Gaist Crusher, you play as the members of the Gaist Crusher Garrison, a team of kids who must fight against mechanical monsters called Gaists using weapons called Gaist Gear. Below, you can find details on one of the recent Gaist Crushers and  Gaists you may have seen from the previously revealed trailer.

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Kurama Shindo

Age: 13

Shindo is a young Gaist Crusher who comes from a long line of ninja. Unlike a ninja, though, he has an easygoing, stubborn personality. He views the protagonist, Recca, as a rival, and his Gaist Gear is the earth-type Gaia Orochi.




Ayakashi Ninetail

The Ayakashi Ninetail is a destructive fire-type Gaist resembling a nine-tailed fox. Each tail holds immense power, which it can release in the form of ruthless laser beams. You will need quick feet and a sharp eye to dodge its attacks and defeat this Gaist.




Gaist Crusher will be released on December 5 for the Nintendo 3DS.