Meet The Three Girls Of Nippon Ichi’s Erotic Vita Game

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Nippon Ichi recently revealed their latest PlayStation Vita game, Great Edo Blacksmith, a title with erotic elements centering around the theme of money and beautiful women. 4Gamer shares a first look at the three girls in the game, and some dungeon-crawling.




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Smiles and the sideways ponytail is Kiyohana’s trademark look. She’s calm, and always works hard to welcome customers, but she can be a klutz, and occasionally angers them at times. However, she has such a gentle personality that makes anyone love her, regardless.




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Asaka likes to show extreme interest towards any customer who has money, and immediately butts in to any conversation about money. She might have her ups and downs when it comes to personality, but she’s still pretty popular thanks to her young looks.




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Yugiri is an overall attractive girl, but she’s a bit of a pessimist. It’s hard to tell whether she’s given up on life, or if she’s just negative, but she never seems to look like she’s having too much fun when speaking with customers.





The protagonist is a swordsmith who only has one year left to live. While he is quite the talented blacksmith,  he’s not the best in social situations, and isn’t exactly too articulate when he talks.



The goal of Great Edo Blacksmith is to acquire money and fall in love with a girl. In order to do this, you’ll need to make some money, which will be done by exploring dungeons with hired allies.



There are monsters in the dungeon, and they drop all kinds of ore that can be used to make swords.


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Once you’re done with the dungeon run, you’ll be prompted to pick which items to take back home, then use them to make accessories and swords, which can be sold for money. With money, you’ll then be able to hang out with the girls.



And by hanging out with the girls, it means visiting them for PlayStation Vita touch screen events. More details on these special events will be revealed in the near future, although the image above should give you some idea.


Great Edo Blacksmith is slated for release in Japan on November 27, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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