Nintendo 3DS

Meet The Two New Idols In Aikatsu! My Two Princesses



Being a superstar idol is hard work, what with all the auditions, autograph signing and singing. And it’s a constant churn of trying to discover and groom the next upcoming talents for the talent agencies that run them. The kind of churn that sometimes only takes a few months before the adoring public wish for fresher faces than what originally shipped.


If you’re of a mind, there’s Aikatsu! My Two Princesses which has a new update out that introduces two new aspiring idols, Kazesawa Sora and Himesato Maria, to the mix.



In order to obtain them (or, at least, Maria) players will want to check the main website’s special page where Namco Bandai will give out the passcode necessary to pick up the new lass.


Aikatsu! My Two Princesses is available now on the Nintendo 3DS. The game has been doing rather well for Bandai Namco, and has sold over 200,000 copies in Japan thus far.