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Meet Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rare Blades Mei, Idaten, Musubi, And Zakuro



The official Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Twitter account has been busy introducing Rare Blades and we got a look at the four latest with Mei, Idaten, Musubi, and Zakuro.


Zakuro (CV: Chinatsu Akasaki, Artist: Shunya Yamashita)


A lightning-type Blade who uses electrifying claws in battle. Her motto is “cute and powerful.”


Musubi (CV: Miki Takahashi, Artist: Kia Asamiya)


Musubi is a healer-type Rare Blade characterized with her divine figure and ablity to soothe your heart.


Idaten (CV: Aya Hirano, Artist: I-IV)


Idaten is a round and speedy Rare Blade. It might look cute and cuddly, but this bunny is actually quite huge.


Mei (CV: Sayaka Senbongi, Artist: Yasumi Umetsu)


Mei is a gothic and punk-style Rare Blade. She’s a dark-type Blade with a spiky spear that she uses as a weapon. She’s also pretty scary.


Here’s a look at some of the other Rare Blades we’ve seen so far:


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 releases on December 1, 2017 for Nintendo Switch. In case you missed the memo, Xenoblade Chronicles is getting a Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow, November 7, at 6:00am PT.

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