Mega Maker To Let You Create Your Own Challenges For The Blue Bomber


Mega Maker, a free, unofficial fan project akin to Mario Maker, will let players use assets from Mega Man 1-6 to create their own challenging stages, putting them up for other players to try.


Mega Maker’s initial release will offer forty-six enemies, twenty-nine level objects, twelve bosses, twenty-four special weapons, and several other pieces of music and items to flesh out a stage, with more on the way (with Mega Man 7 assets planned to be released as well). Players will be able to quickly get on their way to planning stages using a quick tutorial that will help them put these items to work, too.

Players will note some altered special weapons as well, with Mega Maker’s developers having made some of the weapons more useful. Plant Man’s shield will now turn shots into health drops. Skull Man’s shield will protect from spikes, Top Spin adds a high jump upon impact, and more. There are also two all-new powers, which will let players turn into a flying tornado or create a shot-reflecting shield.


Players can try out the stages others have made through an in-game online mode, and are able to rate or search through all available content that’s been posted by other players.

Mega Maker has been in development since September 2016, and will be releasing for free on July 15. Players who wish to help out the development team can donate to their Patreon to help them pay server fees, though.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!