mm5After vanquishing Dr. Wily and sliding under Toad Man’s deadly jump attack, Mega Man faces another group of robot masters led by… Proto Man? That’s the premise of Mega Man 5, which has a sentient choo-choo train as one of the bosses.


Mega Man 5’s ultimate secret is Beat, a robot bird that homes in on enemies. You can unlock beat by finding the letters that spell "Mega Man V" in the eight stages, which adds a bit more replay value to this hard to find NES game.


The other secret, which the ESRB spilled, is Mega Man 5 will be re-released on Virtual Console. The board examined the game and rated it for Wii. With Mega Man X out today for 800 Wii Points ($8) and Final Fantasy VI on deck, it seems like Nintendo is prepping a lot of classics onto Virtual Console.

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