mm92.jpgNintendo Power got the scoop on Mega Man 9, but the Blue Bomber isn’t limited to WiiWare. The USK disclosed Mega Man 9 will at least come to the Xbox 360 too. Xbox 360 Fanboy points out that the genre listed is “roleplaying”, an odd choice unless the USK is referring to Mega Man roleplaying as the other robots when he steals their weapons. The genre choice is probably an error, but the existence of a multiplatform Mega Man 9 probably isn’t.


The biggest question is if the Xbox 360 release and likely PlayStation 3 version will retain the NES feel in the WiiWare version. I can see Capcom selling two versions of Mega Man 9, the one we know about and a 2.5D version on other platforms. It’s a clever way to cash out on nostalgia and Mega Man fever.


Images courtesy of Capcom, scans from Nintendo Power.

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