Mega Man Battle Network Capcom Cafe food and beverages
Image courtesy of Capcom

Mega Man Battle Network Capcom Cafe Menu and Goods Revealed

Capcom has revealed the menu and merchandise list for the Mega Man Battle Network collaboration theme set to run at its cafe outlets from late January 2024 to early March 2024. As shown by the key visual in the initial reveal, the theme will specifically focus on MegaMan.EXE, ProtoMan.EXE, Bass.EXE, Colonel.EXE, and SearchMan.EXE.

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A sample image of all exclusive entries in the special menu can be seen above, and the price listing is available right below. All prices here are tax-inclusive and listed in Japanese yen.

  • MegaMan’s Blue Soda: ¥880
  • ProtoMan’s Red Ginger: ¥880
  • Bass’ Chaos Pancake: ¥1,650
  • Colonel’s Fruit Coffee: ¥880
  • SearchMan’s Scopegun Brothed Soba: ¥1,980
  • MegaMan Burger: ¥1,980

And here is the full merchandise list. As an addendum, the last three items will be available for sale later on February 10, 2024.

  • Clear File: ¥660
  • Aurora Acrylic Stand Keychain: ¥990 for a random item
  • Acrylic Memo Stand: ¥1,430 each
  • Postcard Set: ¥1,320
  • T-Shirt: ¥3,850
  • Hooded Towel: ¥4,400
  • Emotion Window Keychain: ¥880 for a random item
  • Mobile Sticker: ¥660 for a random item
  • Rubber Coaster with NetNavi Mark: ¥990 for a random item
  • Battle Chip Sticky Notes: ¥1,430
  • Acrylic LED Light: ¥4,950 each
  • Clear Pouch: ¥1,650
  • Tote Bag with Clear Pocket: ¥3,300
Mega Man Battle Network Capcom Cafe merchandise list
Image courtesy of Capcom

There will also be additional bonuses for customers who order the Battle Network-themed food and drinks at Capcom Cafe during the event duration. Every drink will come with an exclusive coaster mat, and the cafe will allow the drinker to bring it home. And for every ¥3,000 spent on ordering any entries in the cafe’s menu, they will also receive a random bromide-style postcard featuring a NetNavi.

The Mega Man Battle Network special menu and merchandise will be available at both Capcom Cafe branches in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and Umeda, Osaka, from January 26, 2024, to March 6, 2024.

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