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Mega Man Battle Network Online Functions Planned for Legacy Collection

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Online Features

Capcom has announced that Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will have online functionality. The development of these functions was revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2022 by the game’s director, Masakazu Eguchi. Eguchi, aka Mr. Famous, specifically mentions that online battles and chip trading are in the works for each game in the collection.  No further details about Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection‘s online functions were given during the presentation. At this time it’s not known if the online functions will be in the game at launch or added after.

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Beyond the in-development Mega Man Battle Network online features, Capcom also announced that a 3D MegaMan.EXE character will help guide players through the collection’s game selection screen and gallery. The helpful MegaMan.EXE will even have voiced reactions. This feature, Capcom says, is similar to how the series’ protagonist, Lan Hikari, and MegaMan.EXE connect via Lan’s PET (PErsonal Terminal). It even claims that if you’re playing the collection on a handheld, “it’s a lot like having a PET of your own.”

First revealed during the June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection bundles together all 10 main games in the series. Legacy Collection will also feature a gallery containing over 1,000 art pieces and a music collection with over 150 songs.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection jacks in to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2023. Online functions for the collection are currently in development.

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