Mega Man Dragalia Lost Event Lets Him Use Metal Man And Wood Man’s Abilities On November 28, 2019


After quite a bit of teasing, the Mega Man Dragalia Lost event has been dated and detailed. People will get to make friends with the Blue Bomber between November 28 and December 15, 2019. Literally, as this Mega Man: Chaos Protocol event is a Raid that has you building up friendship points with Mega Man by having him in your party while you complete quests. Earn enough, and he’ll join permanently.

The Mega Man Dragalia Lost event now has its own official website. All of his familiar animations are there. He uses the Mega Buster, which can be used to fire a Charged Shot as its Force Strike. When he shapeshifts, he has a unique animation that has him riding on Rush. His official trailer also shows him using Metal Man’s Metal Blade ability and Wood Man’s Leaf Shield. If he falls in battle, he’ll even explode in a burst of energy. He can even slide! There is also some sort of Upgrade ability that arranges dragons like Brunhilda, Jupiter, and Zodiark around Mega Man in the same presentation as a Mega Man level select screen.

The official art for the Mega Man Adventurer was shared. It shows him with Rush in the same pose he was in Mega Man 2 art.

mega man dragalia lost event 3

The site teased some images of equipment and Wyrmprints that will be available during the event. The event weapons will give any character that equips them a Mega Buster. As for Wyrmprints, one with Woodman and Airman was shown, and another with Roll was teased.

mega man dragalia lost mega man dragalia lost

Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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