Mega Man: Fully Charged’s First 10 Episodes Appear Online

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The Mega Man: Fully Charged cartoon series’ run has begun. Ahead of its August 5, 2018 on the actual Cartoon Network cable channel, ten episodes have been released for people to watch online or through the Cartoon Network app. People in the United States can take a look, as the website is region-locked.


Here is a list of the ten episodes and their descriptions.

  • Throwing Shade Part 1: Sgt. Night publicly criticizes Dr. Light’s views on human & robot unity during a school assembly, invoking the ire of Fire Man and forcing Silicon City’s newly minted hero, Mega Man, to intervene.


  • Throwing Shade Part 2: Mega Man stops Fire Man by replicating his powers and fighting fire with fire. Unfortunately, Mega Man also learns that he can replicate a robot’s mental state as well, and must get his own anger under control to win. Defeated, Fire Man reports back to his secret master, Sgt. Night!


  • Drilling Deep: At school, Aki struggles with the side effects of his newly replicated Drill Man schematics; later, as Mega Man, he learns to control his Fire Powers in thwarting Drill Man’s assault on Skyraisers Inc.


  • Video Drone: Mega Man must stop Hypno Woman from turning the students and teachers at Silicon Central into her mindless drones.


  • Please Rush Home: A misunderstanding between Mega Man and Rush ends in the robo-pup running away from home, only to be reunited and reconciled during a confrontation with Wave Man.


  • Blaze of Glory: Mega Man and Suna must overcome a sibling dispute over what to do on their day off in order to stop Fire Man from overheating the city.


  • Nice on Ice: An “unscheduled” TV appearance not only lands Aki in hot water for missing class, but sets Ice Man on a misguided mission to “unite” (i.e. freeze together) every human and robot couple in the city!


  • Hard Times: Mega Man must stop Blasto Woman from plundering the Museum of the Hard Age and its cache of military grade weaponry.


  • Tripping the Light Fantastic: Mega Man tries to save Dr. Light from a date with “Mari,” who’s actually Hypno Woman in disguise!


  • Running Wild: Student elections get blown out of proportion (literally) when Air Man lends his support to Aki’s rival for class president, Peter Punk.


Mega Man: Fully Charged will begin airing on Cartoon Network on August 5, 2018. Mega Man 11 will come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 2, 2018 in Japan and October 4, 2018 worldwide.

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