Mega Man Is Getting A Special Collaboration Project With Idol Group Team Shachi



Capcom announced a special collaboration between Mega Man and the idol group Team Shachi. The project, titled Mega Man 20XX ~Fight! Team Shachi~, is set to be revealed on September 12 at TGS 2019.



The official website says “Coming Soon!” and a September 12 launch date, but no further info was shared so it could end up being something music-related involving Team Shachi, or something else.


In any case, check out teaser trailer below:


The year is 20XX A.D. in an IoT world where robots and humans live in harmony. Mega Man and friends no longer need to fight, so they’ve been enjoying a peaceful life at the robo-retirement home. However, an incident occurred on the day of a Team Shachi concert.


Dr. Wily makes a return for the first time in a while, revived as an AI that was made to take over the world. He puts his plan into motion by turning Mega Man into a destructive giant robot and destroying the world.


Just when it looked like all hope was lost, the AI of Dr. Light makes an appearance and tells Team Shachi that they must save the world and Mega Man who turned into a destructive super robot.


Mega Man 20XX ~Fight! Team Shachi~ will be revealed on September 12, 2019 at TGS 2019’s Capcom Booth.

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