Mega Man X Axl and Zero model kit by Kotobukiya
Image courtesy of Kotobukiya and Capcom

Mega Man X and Zero Plastic Model Kits Will Return

Kotobukiya revealed that it will restock its Mega Man X plastic model kits of X and Zero. The kits originally came out in 2019 and 2020, respectively. People who missed the initial batches will have another chance to get the kits when Kotobukiya re-releases them in August 2024.

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The regular versions of X and Zero will both cost 6,600 yen (~$42.15) each, and they are also widely available for pre-orders in numerous Japanese and international web stores. Kotobukiya also revealed the limited editions that are exclusively available on Kotobukiya Online Shop in Japan. The Mega Man X Premium Charge Shot Version will cost 7,260 yen (~$46.40), while the Zero Nightmare Version will come with a price tag of 7,040 yen (~$45).

At the same time, Kotobukiya also formally opened pre-orders for the brand-new model kit of X with his Mega Man X3 Max Armor and Triad Thunder weapon. This set costs 13,200 yen (~$84.33), and Kotobukiya will release it in October 2024.

Kotobukiya has been going on a roll with its model kits from Capcom’s Mega Man franchise. The company has also shared a painted prototype of the Mega Man X7 debutant Axl, and it will open pre-orders for his model kit in the coming days. Kotobukiya is also working on more new kits that will feature Sigma and Mega Man Battle Network‘s Bass.EXE.

The restocked batches of Mega Man X and Zero plastic model kits will appear in August 2024. Kotobukiya will also newly release the Mega Man X3 model kit of X with Max Armor and Triad Thunder in October 2024.

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