Mega Man X DiVE Will Dive Into Your Smartphones In Q1 2020


We haven’t heard much about Mega Man X DiVE‘s release date since the game’s beta period, where it was still set for 2019, but today Capcom Taiwan finally announced that the game is being pushed back to a Q1 2020 release.

Capcom Taiwan apologized for the lack of updates on the smartphone title up to this point, but revealed the launch window as something of a holiday present.

They also reiterated that they are holding a weapons design contest for Mega Man X DiVE, with the winner being added in as an in-game design for either a Buster, Gatling, or Saber type weapon. Mega Man X DiVE will feature gatling guns as a choice of weapon for the first tiem, and will let players customize what weapons X, Zero, and other characters equip in stages.

The weapons design contest deadline will close on January 7, 2020, at 4am UTC.

Mega Man X DiVE will launch on iOS and Android in Q1 2020.

Alistair Wong
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