Mega Man X6 X Blade Armor Model Kit Wields the Z Saber

Mega Man X6 X Blade Armor Model Kit Will Appear Next Year

A Kotobukiya model kit of X from Mega Man X6 will appear in 2023, and it will include the Blade Amor and Z Saber. In its official reveal, the company noted it has been about 20 years since this kind of merchandise appeared. It also confirmed new Keisuke Mizuno will appear on the box. It will cost 8,000円 (~$57). It is expected to appear in Japan in April 2023.

This Mega Man X6 X figure will be a plastic model kit, much like Kotobukiya’s others in the line. Once built, it will result in a 1/12 scale figure that is about 142mm (5.6in) tall. These sorts of kids tend to not require any glue or paint, however a tool like a nipper is recommended to cut pieces off the runners. Its 3mm connection points are also compatible with M.S.G. parts.

As this version of X will be the same size as others in Kotobukiya’s line, it will be compatible with their parts like face plates, armor, and accessories. It will come with the Blade Armor, a Buster, and a Z Saber. There are different hand parts for posing. The finished figure will also be articulated. People can use Z Saber and Buster parts for various scenes. There will also be three face plates included.

Here’s a closer look at the finished model kit.

Past Kotobukiya Mega Man model kits were based on series like Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man X.

The Mega Man X Blade Armor X model kit will appear in April 2023 in Japan.

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