Mega Man X’s Popularity In The West Got Him Into Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’s First Trailer

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Following the reveal of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite this past weekend at PlayStation Experience, the developers answered a few questions about the upcoming fighter in an interview with Famitsu.


First, they shared why they’re going with the title, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite instead of Marvel vs. Capcom 4. The answer is pretty simple, first is because the “Infinity Stones” is a big keyword in the Marvel Universe. Given its focus on a “cinematic story,” it came naturally to have it part of the story mode.


The other part is the word “Infinite” itself, as they also have theme of “infinite possibilities in its gameplay” and because they hope players will get to “infinitely play it for a long time.” Again, it’s also mentioned that having the number “4” might make it a little more difficult for newcomers to get into it. The Infinity Stone will also play a role in the game’s battle system.


Here’s what we got from the Q&A session:


Famitsu: By getting together characters from Marvel and Capcom, what kind of things have been strengthened and what has been tossed aside?

Developers: In a way, we kind of tossed out the whole game system. From there we asked ourselves what makes the series good, and went with that to recreate something new.


Tell us more about character selection.

There’s just so many characters from the comics and films, it was quite difficult to make the selection. That said, instead of only having characters that were already in before, we must also think about the future. When we began development on the previous title, The Avengers film wasn’t finished yet. And of course, we get plenty of requests saying “I want this character,” so we must also remember the past. By the way, the character roster has mostly been decided on already. The reason we presented Mega Man X first was because he’s very popular in North America, and finished top in our previous poll. We’re working hard to properly meet fan demand.


Tell us more about the decision of implementing a cinematic story?

A big influence comes from The Avengers movies. The heroes are all part of the same world. That brings big expectations from the story. I believe that’s the kind of age we’re living right now. Also, another big reason is because it’ll be home console-only and not arcade. Iron Man and Captain Marvel might be against each other in the comics, but you see them working together in the trailer. Fans might see this and think “what happened between the two?” as they look forward to the story. Captain Marvel is also getting a new movie.


Lastly, when did the project start?

We can’t get into details for the time being. However, we’ve been working on fine-tuning it for a good while now, so please look forward to it.


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite releases in late 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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