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Mega Man ZX Will Have The Bonus Zero 3/4 Content In Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection



Yesterday, Capcom revealed via Capcom Unity that Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection will have the bonus content that was only available in Mega Man ZX via the the game link feature via inserting a copy of Mega Man Zero 3 or Mega Man Zero 4 in the Nintendo DS’ GBA slot, alongside a ZZ Card feature.


ZZ Cards

zero zx 3

ZZ Cards will be awarded to the player as you earn accomplishments via playing the Zero and ZX games, as well as Z Chaser Mode. In fact, the ZZ Cards are a repurposing of the e-Reader cards released for Mega Man Zero 3 for the Game Boy Advance e-Reader peripheral. The effects of scanning in the cards included changing the weather at the Resistance Base, changing the look of Buster Shots, and some powered up Zero’s weapons.


The mods were first included in the Mega Man Zero Collection on Nintendo DS, and they will now be unlockable as Bonus Cards that are tied to the ZZ Cards.


Zero 3/Zero 4 Link

zero zx 4

In Mega Man ZX, you were able to fight four of Mega Man Zero 3 or Mega Man Zero 4’s Mutos Reploids depending on which game you had inserted into the Nintendo DS’ GBA slot. Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection will include this feature, and depending on which game you choose to link, you can fight the following bosses below:

Zero 3

  • Blazin’ Flizard
  • Childre Inarabitta
  • Deathtanz Mantisk
  • Devilbat Schilt


Zero 4

  • Popla Cocapetri
  • Pegasolta Eclair
  • Fenri Lunaedge
  • Sol Titanion


Check out more screenshots below:

zero zx 5

zero zx 6

zero zx 7

zero zx 8


Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on January 21, 2020. We previously reported on an interview with Mega Man series producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and Zero/ZX Legacy Collection director Tsukasa Takenaka here.

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