Mega Miracle Force Is Basically Super Compile Heart Wars With Strategic 5v5 Battles



Idea Factory recently announced Mega Miracle Force, a 25th anniversary title featuring characters from over 70 titles, including games by Compile Heart, for smartphones. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine provides additional details.


The game is being co-developed by Zoo and Axel, and will be distributed by NTT Plala. It is a gathering of popular titles by Compile Heart, the company that has released over 70 titles including the Neptunia games, Genkai Tokki, Fairy Fencer F, Omega Quintet, Trillion, Tokyo Clanpool, Death end re;Quest, and others.


There are character fusions called “Mega Miracle Characters” where you can fuse Spectral Force’s Hiro with the Neptunia series’ Neptune to have “Hirotune” as a Mega Miracle Character.


The game is set in Megadimension with a deep story, with plans for character episodes to be added later. You’ll also get illustrations from each title that makes nostalgic scenes as “Link Cards” to equip. Battles are simple but offers an in-depth 5v5 strategy battle system. The theme song is called “Toraware no Mirage” by the idol group Erabareshi.





Here’s some character info:

  • An (CV: Yuki Nagano|Artist: Manamitsu)
  • Alto (CV: Ippei Matsuoka)
  • Aina (CV: Takako Kato)
  • Lilia (Artist: Katsuyuki Hirano)
  • Mayura (Artist: Tatsunori Nakamura)


Mega Miracle Force launches in Japan in late January 2019 for iOS and Android.

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