Mega Miracle Force Stars You As An Amnesiac In Neptune’s World


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Idea Factory and Compile Heart have opened the official site for the crossover mobile strategy RPG Mega Miracle Force, revealing story details and some gameplay screenshots.






A massive world inhabited by various races.

In the Western continent of Planetune, a mysterious shooting star was seen streaking through the blue sky.

The one who fell like a meteorite onto the outskirts of Planetune was you, the protagonist.

Waking up, you find two girls who call themselves Neptune and Croire.

The truth hidden in your lost memories. A CPU who can’t access HDD mode. A battle against fate.

And a world called “Goddimension”.

A new adventure where various hopes for the future will intertwine, has begun.



megamiracle 3


Many characters from various series, including the popular Hyperdimension Neptunia series, are set to appear in Mega Miracle Force. Watch their cute sprites move and attack on the map!



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Mega Miracle Force plays as a tactical battle across a map of 7×5 tiles. Utilize various attacks like long-range attacks, piercing attacks, and knockback in order to find your way to victory!


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Various illustrations from the many titles appear as Link Cards in the game! These are manifestations of memories born through the protagonist’s mysterious power. By equipping them, you increase your stats and can access special abilities.


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A new story taking place in the Hyperdimension world becomes a starting point for an adventure alongside various Compile Heart game characters.


Mega Miracle Force will launch in Japan in late January 2019 for Apple iOS and Android devices.

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