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Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Promises To Be More Than Just A Simple VR Remake



Compile Heart recently revealed Megadimension Neptunia VIIR as the series’ first VR title for PS4. Key staff shared some interesting details in this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

  • The reason they decided to go with VR support is because the demand was there from fans. However, they had to think about how to represent a regular RPG in VR.


  • The reason they decided to go with Megadimension Neptunia VII is because the timing worked out for it.


  • The VR parts come from “VR Events” that take place in the middle of the story. That said, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to play it without a PSVR, as it’ll be available to check out on a regular screen. You can expect a vast amount of content volume from this as well.


  • VR Events are newly added scenes, and it won’t only be a part of Neptunia VII’s scenario, but also some that takes place after beating the game.


  • In addition to working on the VR parts, Compile Heart is taking on the challenge of having it all come from a new engine. They say that the super remake is so drastic that you’ll think the regular game parts are from a different game.


  • Next batch of info on the game will be revealed in the May 25 issue of Dengeki PlayStation.


Megadimension Neptunia VIIR is in development for PlayStation 4. You can check out its reveal trailer in our earlier report.

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