Megamagic Is An RPG Made To Resemble The Action Cartoons Of The ‘80s And ‘90s



BeautiFun Games is currently known as the creator of paint-based puzzler Nihilumbra. But that will soon change as the studio has now announced an RPG called Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age that aims to take the kids of ‘80s and ‘90s back to their youths.


The studio hopes to do this by having the game resemble the action cartoons of those two decades. In its version of history, a meteor struck the Earth two millennia ago and gave birth to the Neon Age.


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You play as two siblings called Phoban and Deimon who inherited magic and a powerful book and staff. But you might say the main character is Phoban’s best friend, Fum, who is a little smoky creature that is also the ingredient to the most powerful spell that would ever be created. Due to having this unique designation, Fum is highly sought after by those who would do evil, so you have to protect him.


To this end, you’ll want to increase Phoban and Deimon’s powers by exploring the world to learn new spells and face challenges that will improve their abilities. This will also involve solving puzzles and dungeon crawling with real-time combat. You can also learn to summon the monsters that you defeat, including robots, zombies, and magical beings. And you’re able to choose your own palette of spells and summons to suit each battle.


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At the moment, BeautiFun Games are only teasing Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age and will only say that it’s “coming soon.” You can keep an eye on its website for further updates.

Chris Priestman