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Megaton Rainfall Lets You Feel Superhero-Like Power & The Consequences Of Misusing It


Players are given nearly-unlimited power to save Earth from an alien attack in Megaton Rainfall, being able to use hyper speed and hurled blasts to beat down attackers of almost any size. However, messing with that kind of power in a heavily-populated area can carry some consequences. 


Megaton Rainfall gives the players incredible power to use to stop an alien invasion of earth. They can easily reach speeds that will let them circle the planet in moments (or head out into the Milky Way to hunt down other threats), or fire blasts that can blast a huge alien machine to pieces. Using their speed and these devastating beams, players can rush to each new threat no matter where it is on the planet or out in space, dealing with it in moments.

Megaton Rainfall keeps track of the consequences of misusing those powers, though. A growing tally of casualties will steadily rise as players accidentally topple skyscrapers by flying through them or blasting them with their beams, showing them just how many human lives are lost from their clumsy attempts to save them. 


Megaton Rainfall is available now on Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, and the Playstation Store.

Alistair Wong
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