Melancholy Republic Is A Tragic Homage To Exploring Classic JRPG Cities



Cloud Runner Studios says that it’s upcoming RPG Melancholy Republic is an homage to exploring classic JRPG cities such as Final Fantasy‘s Midgar and Lindblum, and Chrono Trigger‘s Zeal.


“The greatest JRPG moments are found in uncovering the hidden corners and small stories of the game’s populations,” says the studio. As such, Melancholy Republic is set within a deeply political and cultural world, specifically in the beautiful city state Lorna, where conspiracies roam and broken souls reside.


You follow the tragic tale of Claire C. Lockridge and Marianne E. Dawnmark. Claire has is a newly elected senator and seeks to end the corruption and sadness of Lorna. This is why she sets off to explore the city, meeting other nobles through the parliamentary halls and as far as down as the grueling stories to be found in the slums. Expect some heartbreak.



Exploration and conversation will probably take up a lot of your time in Melancholy Republic but there are also some mini-games to play. These will include investigating crime scenes, sneaking through parliament at night, and canvassing for votes.


Currently, Melancholy Republic is up on Kickstarter where its team is seeking £15,000 to fund the game’s development. It’s also on Steam Greenlight.

Chris Priestman