In Mender’s Strife, A Heroine Is Born With Magical Powers In A World Without Sorcery




Marah is a woman born with magical powers in a time when such powers were no longer believed to exist. Coupling that with an oncoming plague and she’ll find herself dealing with a people who aren’t very accepting of her in Mender’s Strife, an 8-bit RPG in development.



Marah will find her journey difficult, as the people of the world aren’t ready to accept her, and many are looking for someone to blame their current woes on. Mender’s Strife intends to tackle some difficult subjects like prejudice and hatred with this setting and character, but will do so with a little humor and some oddball situations on top of its seriousness.


Retro RPG fans will be able to enjoy some classic turn-based combat, spell-slinging, and 8-bit visuals, along with a selection of chiptune songs that will also be in line with the works of the era.




A demo is available for those who wish to try out its classic-inspired play, which can be downloaded from the game’s site. Mender’s Strife is also raising development funding through Patreon.

Alistair Wong
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