Merchandise Pre-orders for Gurren Lagann 15th Anniversary Open

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Arma Bianca started selling merchandise for the 15th anniversary of Gurren Lagann via Amnibus. These items all feature the special logo for the anniversary. Pre-orders will close on January 30, 2023, and they will start shipping out around April 2023. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Amnibus does not appear to offer overseas shipping. This means that if you wish to purchase these items, you will have to use a proxy service to do so. The items, as well as the prices, of the Gurren Lagann 15th Anniversary are:

  • Sports jacket: 9680 JPY ($74)
  • Sweater: 5478 JPY ($41.85)
  • T-shirt: 4180 JPY ($31.95)
  • Big zip-up tote bag: 4950 JPY ($37.85)
  • iPhone case: 3850 JPY ($29.40)
  • Airpods case: 1650 JPY ($12.60)
  • Acrylic keyholder: 1000 JPY ($7.65)
  • Acrylic coaster: 980 JPY ($7.50)
  • Trading can badges: 400 JPY (each)/4000 JPY box ($3.05/$30.60)
  • Acrylic stand panel: 3500 JPY ($26.75)

For some of the items, such as the acrylic keyholders, they feature the characters in fancy clothing. They are all available for pre-order on Amnibus.

Gurren Lagann originally ran in 2007 and won several awards during its time. Gainax animated it. It is a mecha anime in which the robots, Gunmen, all have huge face. In Gurren Lagann, protagonist Simon and the gang that he joins, the Gurren-dan, must face off against Beastmen who want to keep mankind in underground villages.

Gurren Lagann is available on streaming services such as Crunchyroll. The Arma Bianca 15th Anniversary merchandise for Gurren Lagann are open for pre-order on Amnibus.

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