Merlin And Morgan le Fay Appear In Soul Sacrifice

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Famitsu has a glimpse of three new characters in Comcept’s upcoming PlayStation Vita title, Soul Sacrifice.


We’ve recently reported what’s available in Soul Sacrifice’s latest demo, which includes two chapters: the Sorcerer’s Test and Nimue’s chapter. Nimue’s chapter is one of the main scenarios of the game. We learned that Merlin’s chapter is also going to be a big part of the story as one of the main scenarios. Let’s take a look at a trio of characters who’ll be playing a major role in Merlin’s side of the story.





Merlin’s story takes place several years before Nimue’s chapter. In Merlin’s chapter, we learn about his special abilities and his relationship with the magician who wrote the diary. The main character is on a journey to acquire his holy grail. Merlin’s cruel nature is completely different from what the main character new about him based on the diary. What was it that changed him? And will the main character be able to rid of Nimue’s ghost from haunting his heart? The key lies within Merlin’s story.


Morgan le Fay


Morgan is a mysterious woman who continuously follows Merlin and the main character. She claims to have been close to Merlin, but he doesn’t have a single recollection of her, as he considers Morgan a complete stranger. Her purpose is shrouded in mystery but she keeps showing up with her belligerent attitude towards the main character and company. Avoiding Morgan le Fay seems out of the question.




In the chapter, Activities in Avalon, a wizard friend can read out of four different books based on known wizards. The book known as “The corrupted wizard” talks of the gold stained Bowman. “Try some, it’s good.” is what he told the main character by offering him a fruit. He then decided to follow the main character on his journey, as a way to have him pay his debt for the fruit he just ate. Bowman claims to be part of the group merely to be compensated, but the main character knows what’s deep down in his heart.


Soul Sacrifice is slated for release on March 7th in Japan and April 30 in North America.

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