Metal Gear Fan Remake Project Lead Talks About The Cancellation



A fan remake of the original 1987 MSX Metal Gear for PC being realized as a mod for Valve’s Alien Swarm game is no longer going forward after being shut down by Konami. This news comes after Konami had initially given the project its blessing back in June of this year.


The team behind the remake, Outer Heaven Productions, announced the project’s closure via its Twitter account on August 18th, stating: “Unfortunately the project is no more, thank you everyone for your help and support @KonamiUK @DavidBHayter @leonHurley @Nyxus_MGS.”


Siliconera reached out to the project lead Ian Ratcliffe to clarify the reason as to why he and the team has had to stop working on the remake indefinitely.


“There was no real explanation. From what I understand, Konami has been undecided for a while, with some people in favour and others against the game,” Ratcliffe said.


While Ratcliffe couldn’t offer much insight into Konami’s logic, he was able to confirm to us that, before being shut down, “Metal Gear Remake” (the project’s working title) was being transferred from Valve’s Source Engine to Unreal Engine 4 for a boost in graphics quality and other conveniences. It also featured the talents of the original voice of Solid Snake, David Hayter, who had reprised his iconic role.


Hayter had also arranged it for Paul Eiding to make a voice acting cameo in the game as Colonel Roy Campbell.



Ratcliffe also told us that Konami had invited himself and the rest of Outer Heaven to have a look around its studio and meet some of the team.


“I was told that if we ever had other ideas that [Konami would] be happy to help us out, that was all, so you can interpret that in many ways,” Ratcliffe said.


Outer Heaven Productions is currently working on its own IP and will have more details to announce soon.

Chris Priestman