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Metal Gear Online’s March Expansion Pack Will Be Cloaked In Silence


Last week, Konami announced a new Unique Character, maps, and player actions for Metal Gear Online. This week, we’ve received more information about how this content will come to players. The add-ons will be divided up into a Cloaked in Silence Expansion Pack, which will include Quiet and the three maps, and four Appeal Packs. While those bits of DLC will cost real money, the Sabotage free, competitive mission will also be released in March.


The Cloaked in Silence Expansion Pack will be $3.99/€3.99. You’ll get Quiet as a Unique Character, complete with her temporary cloak, increased movement speed, and improved jumping abilities. When playing as Quiet, someone can activate the cloak while sprinting to make her sprint faster. She’ll come with the Azure Mountain, Coral Complex, and Rust Palace maps.


The four Appeal Pack, Basic, Battle, Dance, and Hero, will each add set Appeal Actions for $1.99 each. No bundle option, which would allow you to get all four at once for a reduced price, was announced. Once you purchase one, you can use the actions included with it to create a customized Appeal Action for your avatar.


Finally, Metal Gear Online’s Sabotage was further detailed in Konami’s update. Players are split into attackers or defenders. The defenders must protect a missile for the duration of the match. Attackers must destroy or fulton the missile before time runs out, which means hacking into Terminals to deactivate the Electromagnetic Barriers defending it.


An exact date beyond March 2016 has yet to be announced for Metal Gear Online’s Cloaked in Silence, Appeal Packs, or Sabotage add-ons. Metal Gear Online is immediately available to all Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain owners.

Jenni Lada
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