Metal Gear Solid Inspired Mods Make Fallout 4 Ground Zero

There were two major games last year that allowed people to explore empty expanses. One was Fallout 4, and the other was Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Both have heroes that can seemingly survive anything, which means it’s only natural that folks would put together Fallout 4 mods and content that turn the Sole Survivor into a Snake or Boss.

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If you want to try and have Metal Gear content in your Commonwealth, you have to start with your hero. Two people have uploaded saved characters that bear more than a passing resemblance to Venom Snake. The first is Vlaka’s Big Boss – Venom Snake. (He’s shown in the first screenshot in this mod alert.) This save file begins right after character creation and features a more fearsome looking Snake. If you want one that looks like he’s feeling his age and may be a bit more gaunt, go with Kainzorus Prime’s Venom Snake. Like the other save, it happens immediately after the initial character creation. Pop the one you prefer into Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves and you’ll be ready to start a new game with Snake. (Don’t forget – “Snake” is one of the names in Codsworth’s library.

If you’re going to have a Big Boss as your avatar, he has to look the part. A vault jumpsuit won’t do. Fortunately, fans have people covered on that end with even more Fallout 4 mods. Let’s start by going retro. Shannon Lee has created a Metal Gear Solid 3-inspired tiger stripe fatigue outfit. It’s a jumpsuit with three different versions available. As you can see, it looks quite nice on female avatars too.

People in search of a more modern look can get something sampled from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Akiba91 has made a stand alone add-on based on the Brotherhood of Steel uniform. It looks exactly like the Sneaking Suit from the game, with a Chameleon ability and high defense to boot. It isn’t 100% accurate yet, as there are three details that need to be added, but it’s a work in-progress with continual improvements. Some of the more recent additions were MSF and Fox Hound patches.

Speaking of patches, a Venom Snake avatar needs an eyepatch. Luckily, Akiba91 was on that too. There’s a Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes eyepatch that is also a stand alone add-on. You can craft it with cloth, provided you have the Armorsmith Extended mod applied, or you can use a command line to spawn one in-game for your avatar to wear.

To install all these mods, textures need to be popped into the Fallout 4 data folder. Or, it’s even easier to grab the Nexus Mod Manager and use it to install and manage mods. You can even download the mods through it, to make things easier. All of these mods immediately work with the Windows PC version of Fallout 4. Don’t forget to back up your save files before applying any of them.

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