Metal Gear Survive’s Multiplayer Is Strategic And Rewarding

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Metal Gear Survive does not let you explore the campaign with a friend. You are limited to a briefer horde mode with three other people who happen to be trapped in Dite. This makes sense, since a big part of the game is collecting Kuban energy, a very desirable resource, and using the drill to mine the item attracts more enemies. This gives people a chance to challenge themselves in a safer way, as even though these waves get more difficult and it can be quite difficult, you have the opportunity to cooperate with others and learn together.


First, it is very easy to hop into Metal Gear Survive’s multiplayer once you have gotten through the tutorial. All you have to do is either choose it from the main menu after loading up your game and save or talk to Virgil when you are at your base. You can then head into the four player cooperative mode, which tasks you with survive the waves of Wanderers while you attempt to also keep a drill digging for Kuban energy safe.


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This segment is part base building and part enemy management. When you head into Metal Gear Survive’s multiplayer, you will be attempting to survive three waves. Before the mode begins, you have time to gather materials for the coming onslaught and prepare for five minutes. (Grab as much Kuban as you can, as it will be very helpful.) Once it begins, you can see arrows on the ground showing enemies’ paths, and a timer will tell you how long you have until the wave ends. At the end of each wave, the drill will send out a shockwave that will destroy all enemies and structures you have placed within the red circle. You then get a few minutes to prepare for the next wave.


This means you really have to think when placing these defenses and working with your allies. You want to set up defenses that protect the drill, funnel Wanderers and other enemies into narrow pipelines that will delay them and make it easier to pick them off and work well with the other items people on your team have placed. I found it is best to split up when gathering, then pair up when actual waves begin. This way, people can cover each others’ backs and even split up if something needs to happen. Or, if there is an additional objective, one pair can handle that while the other two defend the drill.


Another important element is the wormholes. If you have one equipped, you can place it and any of the four people playing can use it. (Just head to your map, select the wormhole you want to use and click it.) It is a good idea to place these near critical places. Most important is having one wormhole at the drill. Some enemies can and will destroy the drill after only a few hits. If you have an idea of where the enemies are spawning, having one wormhole there can help control the tide. If you can communicate with others, do so, as these means of teleportation will help you stay alive through all three waves.


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Having a wormhole near the drill also lets you see if you have an opportunity to speed up the drill. This will get you better rewards, but costs you 5,000 Kuban energy. If the font for the resources number is white, go ahead and speed it up if you can afford it. Since the rewards in Metal Gear Survive’s multiplayer carry over to the single player for each participant, you want to do all you can to maximize your take. Of course, managing to stay alive and protected for all three waves is even more critical to earning that bonus.


Metal Gear Survive’s multiplayer mode can really be quite entertaining and rewarding. It helps you test your combat skills against enemies in an arena where you have people who can help you out if you end up overwhelmed. It lets you practice base and defense-building strategies. Since each match lasts less than a half hour, you can quickly enjoy it without worrying about the main game’s survival elements. Plus, since your rewards found here carry over into the campaign, you can make things easier for yourself if you are struggling alone by working with others.


Metal Gear Survive is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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