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Metal Max Xeno Introduces Itika, An Animal-Eared ‘Myuto’ Demi-Human


metal max myuto

Metal Max Xeno had more to share yesterday on a new character with a special ability, and a tank that is new to the series.


Itika (CV: Yuri Yamaoka)

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Itika is a lonely, beautiful girl who is saved by Thalys during his journey. She’s a member of the Myuto race of demi-humans, who have had animal genes added to a normal humans. She’s very curious and also quite a prankster, which goes hand-in-hand with her Myuto ability.


metal max myuto 4


Itika’s ability is to mimic the appearance and abilities of any person she chooses to.


PLT-01 Tank

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metal max myuto 6

metal max myuto 7 metal max myuto 8

The PLT-01 tank is new to the series, and sports a future-like aesthetic. It’s based off the conceptual PL-01 tank supposedly in development in Poland. The tank comes with a well-rounded set of equipment, and has two chip slots so that it can be changed to fit the player’s needs.


Metal Max Xeno releases in Japan on April 19, 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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