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Metal Max Xeno Reborn 2 “Might” Take Place In Kyoto After The Events Of Xeno Reborn


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We reported the day before yesterday on three announcements for the Metal Max series, including Xeno Reborn, Xeno Reborn 2, and Code Zero, and a new summary of the 30th Anniversary event provides a few more details and screenshots regarding the games. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Metal Max Xeno Reborn

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The game is based on Metal Max Xeno, and other than the graphics, they will change up the appearing monsters and their sizes, the battle system, as well as the story and some story splits. They are reevaluating the aspects of the game that bar players from progressing. As director Yusuke Tomono mentions, in previous Metal Max series you’d probably be able to progress even without saving allies, and so he thinks it would be nice to add a route where you leave heroine Toni to die.


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Metal Max Xeno Reborn 2

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The game is “planned” to show the world after the events of Metal Max Xeno Reborn, and Talys will travel with Toni and one other character to Kyoto, where the story begins.

Why “planned”? It’s because while series creator Hiroshi Miyaoka has the story scenario laid out, director Tomono hasn’t given the green light yet. Depending on what Tomono says, the story might be about a completely different main character, with Talys and his friends dead.


Some concept art for the monsters were shown off.


Code Zero

The game is being developed in preparation for the series’ 30th anniversary. It will be a reboot of the series that takes into account all the changes that have appeared throughout the series that led to it feeling less cohesive. Platforms are undecided. Miyaoka wants to depict the events of the Great Annihilation, or the events immediately afterwards.

While Metal Max Xeno follows the quest of ‘The Final Monster Hunter’, Code Zero is likely to depict ‘The First Monster Hunter’.

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