Metal Slug 3 Marco, Tarma, and Rebel Soldier Figures on the Way


New Metal Slug figures will be reporting for duty. SNK announced that four from Tunshi Studio based on Metal Slug 3 characters are in the works. Marco, Tarma, and two Rebel Soldier figures are available to pre-order. Depending on the one someone gets, they cost between $85 and $120. They are all expected to ship sometime between Q1-Q2 2022.

All four are 1/12th scale figures that include accessories. The least expensive one is an $85 Rebel Soldier. (It is temporarily $70.) People get the soldier with six pairs of hands, an infantry pack, a pistol, a dagger, a rifle, a saber, a shield, and a grenade. The $135 model, which is temporarily $120, includes additional extras. That gives people two rebel soldiers with different head sculpts, all of the equipment from the single figure, and an additional M1 bazooka and gatling with heavy minigun and ammo supply.

The Marco and Tarma figures are each $100. (Though ahead of launch, they are briefly $85.) Marco and Tarma each come with two heads and six hands. They also can each wear an infantry pack. As far as equipment goes, each figure has a pistol, dagger, AR-10 autorifle, walkie-talkie, canteen, and grenade. Marco has an Ammunition Box with bullets and clips, an Ammunition Box for a heavy machine gun, a heavy machine gun effect, a rocket, a medal, and a piece of poop. Tarma’s unique items include an Ammunition Box for flame shot, a Bomb Box, a flame shot effect, a gold coin, a watermelon, and a cigarette case.

The Metal Slug Marco, Tarma, and Rebel Soldier figures are expected to ship sometime between Q1 2022 and Q2 2022. Pre-orders will close on November 15, 2021. In addition to the arcade release and older versions, Metal Slug 3 is available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Jenni Lada
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