Metal Slug Infinity Is An Idle Game By Ekkorr Games


metal slug infinity 1

The Metal Slug series is getting an idle smartphone game with RPG elements called Metal Slug Infinity, developed by Korean game studio Ekkorr Games. [Thanks, Naver!]


metal slug infinity 2

The game will play similarly to Ekkorr Games’ other games, such as Endless Frontier on iOS and Android. While there are microtransactions, there will be no gacha mechanics.

The game uses a different art style compared to the sprites from the main games, and this was done to attract people who weren’t Metal Slug fans. After several rounds of trial and error, Ekkorr Games ended up with the current look.


metal slug infinity 3

The game itself is something of a stand-alone RPG focusing on idle gameplay and applying buffs, compared to the currently-available Metal Slug Attack.


Metal Slug Infinity is set to launch for iOS and Android in 2018 worldwide.

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