Metaphor: ReFantazio Gauntlet Runner Road Trip Elements Detailed
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Metaphor: ReFantazio Gauntlet Runner Road Trip Gameplay Detailed

When players go through Metaphor: ReFantazio, its gameplay will involve spending six in-game months going on a road trip in the Gauntlet Runner to garner support for a push to become the king. To help better emphasize how this element will work, Atlus shared new insights about what it will be like to travel around the country.

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As a reminder, players are attempting to become king of Euchronia. This means spending six months competing in the Royal Tournament, going around the country to garner support. Through your actions and travel decisions, you can end up building up the fanbase to help you win. As such, journey takes actual in-game time. So you’ll need to spend multiple days and nights going to different places in the Gauntlet Runner in Metaphor: ReFantazio as you head to opportunities to prove yourself. The various maps let you see where to go.

However, while you’re in the Gauntlet Runner proper going between places, you can actually engage in activities in Metaphor: ReFantazio. Some of the activities Atlus mentioned are actions and events that could involve cooking, reading, or spending time with party members. (There is no romance, however.) We already learned prior to the latest information drop from Atlus that we can befriend followers, then unlocking side stories that could help guarantee more support for our royal run. 

In addition to Metaphor Re:Fantazio main quests that come up during the road trip in the Gauntlet Runner, there will also be side quests. These happen at towns in region. Taking part in them can apparently help with progressing through the story. As for what they could entail, the announcement noted things like fighting specific enemies or investigating something could be involved. Paying an informant at a tavern could help with getting additional insights, and stopping to buy new equipment or appraise found items at shops could also better prepare people or result in finding important items.

There are also a number of new screenshots showing how these Metaphor: ReFantazio gameplay elements will look, as well as new in-battle images.

Metaphor: ReFantazio will come out worldwide on October 11, 2024 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam

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