Metroclash Combines Jet Set Radio With Grid-Based Battles


Metroclash is an upcoming fast-paced action game based around gang battles in a near future world inspired by Jet Set Radio.


It plays out in real-time across two 4×3 grids, with your characters occupying the left-hand side, and your opposing gang moving about on the right-hand side.


What’s been shown so far looks quite a bit like Mega Man Battle Network as the two sides shoot projectiles at each other, dodging them by moving between the squares of the grid.


The playable characters you can choose from have different attributes. So far there is Mia, who is lighter and therefore quicker but also weaker, while the bigger guy Kiel can take more damage at the cost of speed.


Metroclash is currently in development by a three-person Brazilian team – Midio, André Asai and Gregório Toth – and doesn’t currently have any specified platforms.


You can keep up with the game’s development over on its website.

Chris Priestman