Metroid And Blaster Master Get Special Versions On Switch Online’s NES Classics

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Nintendo has released this month’s NES games, which includes Kirby’s Adventure and Super Mario Bros. 2, as well as Tsuppari Oozumou exclusive in Japan. Alongside these new releases are two new ‘SP’ versions of Metroid and Blaster Master, which released last month on the service.


The new SP version for Metroid drops Samus near the fight with Mother Brain, with Samus having all of her powerups and maximum items. The game’s clear time will be short enough that players can see Samus’ true form if you go straight to the final boss and clear the game, or players can also wait it out and see the other endings which appear with longer clear times.


Meanwhile, Blaster Master’s SP version starts Jason and Sophia III in Area 8, having collected all the upgrades and the maximum amount of items. Jason starts with maximum Gun level and health, so that players can have an easier time taking down the final boss.


Nintendo Switch Online is available for the Nintendo Switch. If you buy a subscription in one region, say North America or Europe, you would also be able to download and play the Japanese version of the app and play its exclusive NES titles.

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