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Metroid Equipment For Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Out Today



Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s third pack of free DLC is out today, and it brings the Metroid gear. Also included are the Mega Man and Street Fighter costumes for your Palico helpers, as well as a bunch of new challenge quests. Here’s the full list:


Hunter equipment:
– Metroid’s Varia Suit
– Metroid’s Zero Suit
– Metroid’s Arm Cannon
– Taiko Drum Master Hunting Horn
– USJ’s Star Rook armor
– USJ’s Starlight Axe Charge Blade


Palico equipment:
– Mega Man
– Blanka
– Chun-Li
– USJ’s F Star
– Cha-Cha
– Kayamba


Total content:

14 New quests
5 New weapons
3 Complete armor sets
6 Palico weapons
6 Palico armor sets
1 Bonus Palico: Yellow Pal
3 Guild Card backgrounds
2 Guild Card poses
15 Guild Card titles
1 Poogie outfit: Kitchen Pig
New items sold by the Wycoon


A fourth content drop is planned for next month as well, and will include the Devil May Cry equipment for your Palicoes. In the meantime, look forward to a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate interview with director Kaname Fujioka later today, where he discusses topics like weapon balance, the least used weapons in the game, and more.

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