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Metroidvania Heart Forth Alicia Nintendo Switch Port Will Replace Its Wii U Release


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Heart Forth, Alicia will no longer be heading to the Nintendo Wii U. In the latest update on the game’s Kickstarter page, it was revealed that the game will now be heading to the Nintendo Switch instead. The demise of the Nintendo Wii U eShop was blamed as a reason. People who had claimed that version during the Kickstarter will automatically be set for a Nintendo Switch key. In addition, all console key add-on backers can change their console preference and choose a Nintendo Switch version.


In addition, another release window update was offered for Heart Forth, Alicia. The game won’t be launched in 2019, and future Kickstarter updates will offer a better idea of when this Metroidvania will finally be released. This is because the developers don’t want the game’s creation to have a negative impact on their help, they encountered some development difficulties, and they decided to increase the game’s development time, scope, and quality. As noted in this update, some of the most recent work on the game involved “developing one of the final dungeon’s remaining rooms, working on its boss, doing some balancing and tweaking to mid-game areas, developing some missing cutscene music & sound effects, adding puzzles where they’re still needed, working on a lot of back end stuff, among a bunch of other smaller things.”


Here’s a look at Heart Forth, Alicia from its most recent video. It was shared back in 2017, alongside the all-backers demo.



Heart Forth, Alicia raised $232,365 from 7,472 backers in May 2014 and originally had a 2016 launch window. It will be heading to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC. It follows Alicia, one of only two children born in a village on the sky island Auster following a curse. When Alicia and Hostra, the other young woman, are participating in their coming of age ceremony, the spirit that cursed the village possesses Hostra, casts Alicia off of Auster, and goes off to destroy the town. It’s up to Alicia to get home and save the day.

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