Metroidvania Inexistence Fills Caverns And Castles With Monstrosities


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Inexistence, a game created by a developer who previously worked on their own GBA-style Castlevania fan game, has released on Steam.




Hald, a Keeper, was chosen by the Gods to keep order and balance in the world, as was his sister. Claos wishes to break that balance, and casts a spell Hald’s sister to put her to sleep. This prompts Hald to go find Claos, killing everything that lives in the caves, castles, and forests on his way.




Inexistence appears to draw visual inspiration from GBA-era Castlevania games, setting players to work fighting monsters and large bosses in various areas that are filled with secret paths. Hald will also gain levels, have access to new equipment, and gain abilities like teleporting and double jumping as the game progresses.

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