Mevius Final Fantasy’s First Trailer Shows Gameplay And Some Jobs In Action

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Square Enix previously teased some footage of their next smartphone game, Mevius Final Fantasy, and we now have a better look with extended footage showing off some gameplay along with a couple job classes in action.



The video starts out with what appears to be the amnesiac protagonist waking up from his sleep. After being led by a mysterious voice, his adventure begins, as he encounters a Moogle, and a girl trapped in a giant crystal. Mevius Final Fantasy’s battle system revolves around simple touchscreen commands and doing combos, while hitting enemies to accumulate “Element” which is used to do abilities.


In the video, we get to see two jobs in action, with the Ranger and Black Mage. Rangers are best at close-ranged combat, and they’re considered one of the advanced Thief-type job. They fight using dual daggers and their speed. Black Mages are best with offensive magic, and they’re one of the advanced mage-type jobs. It comes as no surprise that they have low HP and weak physical attacks, but they’ll be at their best with magic and critical power.


There will be plenty of other traditional Final Fantasy jobs in the game, which we’ll likely hear more about in the near future.


Mevius Final Fantasy will launch in Japan sometime in Spring 2015 for Android and iOS.

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