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Microsoft Are Still Committed To Xbox One In Japan



The Xbox One released a little over a month ago in Japan, and while its sales figures in the region are very low, Microsoft shared their optimistic approach toward the Japanese market during an interview with Famitsu magazine.


The interview features head of Microsoft’s Xbox Division and Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer, Microsoft Japan’s general manager Takashi Sensui, and Deadly Premonition director Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro from Access games.


Famitsu starts out the Xbox One talks by asking about the current condition of the console since its release in Japan.


“I believe there are various ways of succeeding in Japan,” says Spencer. “And of course getting customers to buy it is important. Additionally, there’s also the relationship with third-party companies. We’d like to support Japanese third-party companies to achieve success on a global scale.”


Next, Famitsu asks him if he’s satisfied with the current sales of the platform.


“We’ll definitely continue putting more effort into that,” responds Spencer. “Just as Sensui said earlier [during the interview], those who purchased the Xbox One in Japan have provided us with very positive feedback. It seems like they’ve seen the attraction of the games line-up and such.Those who purchased the Xbox One in Japan have certainly been enthralled by it.”


He continues, “For this reason, we’d like to keep expressing the Xbox One’s charm as much as we can. We plan on talking to various Japanese developers and publishers during Tokyo Game Show. We’d also like to have many people try out a bunch of games on the game floor as well. I believe we’ll commit with more depth into the Japanese gaming industry.”


Famitsu then points out that there’s a common opinion in Japan that the Xbox One has trouble showing its appeal.


“Starting with this [past] Tokyo Game Show, we’re expanding on the area of getting as many people to acquire a better understanding of the Xbox One. Additionally, as we head into the battle of year-end sales, we plan on further expanding promotions that focus on headline titles.”


“I believe that the popularization of the Xbox One will be a longer journey than it was with the Xbox 360,” adds Spencer. “Japanese game developers and fans are very important to us. From here on out, expect us to continue steadily engaging with everyone!”


Finally, Famitsu asks if they could share last words for the fans.


Phil Spencer: “Firstly, I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to all the videogame fans in Japan. Since the first generation Xbox to the Xbox 360, and now the Xbox One, I’m truly grateful for the support you’ve given us up until now. I’m even grateful to see the compassion towards our vision for Xbox One. We’ll keep doing our best, and thank you for your continued support.”


Hidetaka Suehiro: “I believe that Japan has a special market that takes a while for new things to expand. Smartphones and hybrid cars, they all took a while to become popular. However, it’s a country that can go on loving something for a long time once it gets ingrained, so I hope Microsoft continues engaging without giving up.”


“I also hope to see fans not be afraid of trying something new, and give it a shot. I believe that if they try it out for themselves, they’ll see how fun it is. So, please take your first step, and give the Xbox One a try.”


Takashi Sensui: “After being supported by numerous game developers, application makers, and above all, the passionate fans, we’ve managed to reach the release of the Xbox One in Japan. We’ll continue working in order to further satisfy everyone. Using this as a starting point, we’ll continue doing our best to have more people enjoy the Xbox One. Thank you for your patronage.”


Photograph courtesy Famitsu.

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