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Midnight Suns Morbius DLC Adds The Living Vampire

Midnight Suns Morbius

The latest addition to the Midnight Suns‘ ragtag roster of supernatural heroes Dr. Michael Morbius. He is the third DLC character to join the team after Deadpool and Venom, who arrived in January 2023 and February 2023 respectively. The

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full roster of DLC heroes was originally released back in October, and indicates that X-men member Ororo “Storm” Munroe will be the final character to join.

The Midnight Suns Morbius DLC pack, titled “The Hunger,” is available standalone or as part of the season pass bundle. It will contain the character himself as well as related story missions, a new ‘Laboratory’ upgrade for the Abbey, and new ‘Vampyre’ enemies. Morbius appears to be a character specialising in applying and exploiting bleed debuffs and as such pairs well with Blade, the Midnight Suns‘ other vampire member. You can see the release trailer here, or watch Firaxis’ character deep dive below:


Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a tactical RPG with card-based mechanics from XCOM and Civilisation developer Firaxis Entertainment. Players control and customise The Hunter, a legendary monster slayer brought back to life to stop the plans of their mother Lilith. Players team up with other Marvel Comics characters such as Ghost Rider and Iron Man.  When not on missions, the player can train and socialise with the other heroes and can gain bonuses from doing so.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is immediately available on Windows PCs, the PS4 and PS5, the Xbox One, and the Xbox series X.. The Midnight Suns Morbius DLC is available now on its own or as part of the Season Pass.

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